• Matthew McCaulley

REACHing Out Blurb for September 22, 2019

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Many times when praying with someone, while out on a ministry visit, I will begin by acknowledging how big the God is that we are talking directly to. I don’t plan this it just kind of comes out of my mouth. But, I think it is in response to my need to get out of the thoughts in my head and my little world and remember exactly who I am talking to – the need to put everything in perspective. Secondarily, I hope that it does the same for the person we are praying with. We worship and serve a BIG God, the one and only true God, creator of the universe by speaking it into existence, creator of you, and willing to send his Son to die to save you. To so many people in our culture, especially in this “bible belt” where there is a church on every corner, Jesus is just a thing in a world of a million other things. Take Him or leave Him, believe or don’t believe, most people think it’s just a trivial life choice like so many others. I have seen firsthand, though, how it effects people when they stop and consider the magnitude and reality of the real living God. Make sure people see how real God is in your life.

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Because His Grace Is Amazing,

Matt M.

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