• Matthew McCaulley

REACHing Out Blurb for OCTOBER 13, 2019.

Occasionally, while doing outreach visits with some of  the people that participate in Watered Gardens Rescue Teams, I’ll have a person who gets impatient. We will have a night where everyone we go to see is not home. Or, we may have a long string of bad addresses or houses that we can’t find. Or, we may be all pumped to go witness to someone in a homeless camp but find no one inhabiting the usual spots. It just happens. For some, serving in a ministry week after week while seeing little fruit is anywhere from discouraging to boring. Others will see “their” experience as not in the Lord’s will – obviously there was no fruit from it so God would have us quit this and move on to another ministry, right? The key word in that last sentence is “their”. People tend to judge the fruitfulness of a ministry based on their timetable, their expectations, their patience. But, the bible speaks highly of being consistent in not only our walk with Christ but also our service to Him. Keep serving, keep waiting, keep patiently doing what He has called you to do. Fruitfulness will come on His timetable. Our job is to consistently keep on keeping on with the job He has appointed us.  

Please consider becoming part of a Rescue Team - Mondays, 6:15PM @ Watered Gardens!

Because His Grace Is Amazing,

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