• Matthew McCaulley

REACHing Out Blurb for NOVEMBER 24, 2019

I had someone tell me just this week that they didn’t know what they were doing here, not sure why they existed. Not too long after that I had two guys that reeked of alcohol tell me they needed prayer. Rewind back to 1991, my first year in college and my first college dorm roommate. He very proudly told me about all the horrific things he had done to females. Fast forward a few years from there, working for a large defense contractor, I heard a very intelligent and successful man tell me that he had no need for God. Years later, working in a large jail as a volunteer chaplain I had one of the guards ask me pointed questions about Jesus…he committed suicide the next week. All of these people were simply talking to me as I listened, I didn’t initiate a spiritual conversation or pull out a Gospel tract. Yet, they all left me a perfect opening to tell and show them how Jesus had changed me. I have heard many Christians say that they have zero opportunities to share their faith. REALLY? Wrong.  Simply listen to what people are telling you. I guarantee that you will hear cries for help, people seeking truth, people with hard hearts, and everything in-between. Listen, and respond with Jesus.    

Please consider becoming part of a Rescue Team - Mondays, 6:15PM @ Watered Gardens!

Because His Grace Is Amazing,

Matt M.

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