• Matthew McCaulley

REACHing Out Blurb for NOVEMBER 17, 2019.

I've talked a lot through the years in this little blurb about being faithful to a ministry. Getting involved in a place where God is working and sticking with it through the slow times, the bad times, the confusing times, the seemingly fruitless times, and every time in-between. Praying constantly for that ministry and watching God work with His own timing and His own results. There have been MANY Watered Gardens outreach nights that I just didn't feel up to it, like this past week when it was all of 7 deg. F. outside. I've heard from so many people that drop out of a ministry, just quit showing up, or become unreliable in their help just because they don't feel like it is doing any good or enough good or enough good fast enough. I heard it again this week. These are our definitions of success. Our job is to be FAITHFUL to the end, TRUSTING Christ to work in people's lives according to His perfect will....just showing up to allow God to use you as He wishes. If all Christians did this we would not have so many incredible ministries with no money and no volunteers. Be faithful to the ministry that God has called you to. Yes, He has called you to a ministry if you belong to Him.

Please consider becoming part of a Rescue Team - Mondays, 6:15PM @ Watered Gardens!

Because His Grace Is Amazing, Matt M.

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