• Matthew McCaulley

REACHing Out Blurb for JUNE 14, 2020

I heard it said recently that everyone is being forced to draw lines and choose sides right now. Will you be scared of the virus or not? Will you wear a mask or not? Will you think poorly of others who do or don’t? Will you take a stand or not? Will you protest or not? Will you support the president or our government or not? Will you despise those who do or don’t? The world is literally screaming at you right now. There is such an overload of very strong voices that it seems there is no peace on earth to be found and certainly no unity. With all this in mind, this week, the Watered Gardens Rescue Teams with Journey Church went to the corner of 7th Street and Range Line Road and we prayed. We JUST prayed, twelve of us joined hands in a circle for over an hour. We weren’t there to take a stand or protest or get people to think we were super righteous.  We simply prayed over our city in one of the busiest spots in our city. No agenda. Just simply, humbly, and obediently offering our sincerest feelings to God on behalf of Joplin, our state, and our nation. I had chills quite a lot of the time, not from a virus, but because the weight of what we were doing was so real that it touched me so deeply. We got honks in support and expletives yelled at us both. The only thing that mattered was just us and God in that moment. How can we expect to reach this city or this country if we are not praying together like this? Who is with me? Please consider becoming part of a Rescue Team - Mondays, 6:15 PM @ Watered Gardens!  Because His Grace Is Amazing, Matt M.

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