• Matthew McCaulley

REACHing Out Blurb for DECEMBER 8, 2019.

Many of you feel very odd talking to someone about Jesus. Some of you may feel that to do so would make you a hypocrite. Some of you may feel like you don’t poses enough bible knowledge to answer any questions that may come up during a conversation. Some of you are worried about how to start a spiritual conversation and still others of you may feel like you are just too shy. For all of you, this week I noticed something that will help. I was standing on a porch talking to a man about the Gospel of John. I had with me several guys from the Watered Gardens FORGE program. These are guys that have had a rough go of it and made a lot of mistakes (drugs, prison, and a lot more). Some of these guys have a bible background and some do not. Some of them are natural talkers and some are not. These guys truly have every excuse available to them not to talk to anyone about Christ. But what I saw this week was these same guys talking boldly to people about who Jesus is and what He means to them. It wasn’t forced and they weren’t trying, it simply came out naturally as an overflow of their heart. It was so sincere. Wow. If your heart is not overflowing with love toward Jesus then what is in the way?

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Because His Grace Is Amazing,

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