• Matthew McCaulley

Here is the Bulletin Blurb for MARCH 1, 2020

We’d been visiting this man off and on since summer. Let’s call him Gregory. He was always open to let us pray for him but at the same time very cynical about everything (people, God, everything). Gregory was one of those visits where I would be saying to myself, “Lord, why are we here? This guy isn’t interested in what we have to offer.” Last week his name came up again in the list for Watered Gardens Rescue Team visits. While we were inside visiting, another part of the Rescue Team along with the FORGE group talked with some other guys hanging out near his house. Those guys asked that we come back this week. So, of course, we did. When we got there this week fire and police vehicles were all over, firemen suited up with oxygen tanks going in and out of Gregory’s home. We spent the rest of that evening helping Gregory find a place to stay for the night since his house was so smoky. In all of this we were able to connect with Gregory on a deeper level which I believe God will use to bring this man to Him. We just don’t know how God will work, or when. But, we MUST keep on faithfully doing His work…Even when we can’t see the point of it right in front of us. Please consider becoming part of a Rescue Team - Mondays, 6:15PM @ Watered Gardens!Because His Grace Is Amazing,Matt M.

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