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Are you qualified to share your faith with someone? I mean, really? Did you take Christian apologetics classes? Do you know Greek and Hebrew? Can you successfully defend the Gospel in a fierce battle of wits with an atheist? Do you have a diploma from an accredited theological seminary? Before you stop reading and think I just gave you an excuse for not sharing Jesus….I spend time each Monday night with a bunch of guys that would answer no to all of the above. The guys in the Watered Gardens FORGE program don’t have seminary degrees or any special bible skill or knowledge. In fact, most of them have recently been in prison and are off drugs and alcohol for the first time in a while. But, as we engage people on the street with love, compassion, the Gospel, I notice that these guys are perfectly qualified to share Jesus because they are excited about who Jesus is and what He has done for them. They naturally are exploding to share that. This is you also. You are perfectly qualified to share Jesus if you follow Him. Are you exploding with excitement to share Jesus and what He has done for you? If not, then it is imperative that you figure out why. Please consider becoming part of a Rescue Team - Mondays, 6:15PM @ Watered Gardens!Because His Grace Is Amazing,Matt M.

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Weekly out and about in Joplin as we are, in the course of making person-to-person connections we meet a lot of people with some sort of addiction issue. The interesting thing is that most Christians would say they do not have one of these issues - "other people" have those issues. But, I came to the realization one day that all of us chase things that are not Godly, not good for us, or seek comfort somewhere besides God. Sure, some people deal with a harsh reality by trying to create an alternate one via drugs or alcohol. But most of us deal with the hard realities of life by hiding in things most would consider good. Anything we chase after or hold tightly to for comfort and security that is not God is an idol. So, if you are tempted to say you have nothing in common with that alcoholic or drug user, that you surely couldn't talk to them about Jesus...think again. We have all experienced looking for meaning and comfort in other things besides God. Please consider becoming part of a Rescue Team - Mondays, 6:15PM @ Watered Gardens!Because His Grace Is Amazing,Matt M.

  • Matthew McCaulley

People are often tempted to believe that they do not make a difference in this world. Or, they may think there is no sense in reaching out to minister to others. Maybe this is you. Maybe you don't see the fruit you feel like you should see.  Seven months ago I had a good talk with a man on the porch of his Joplin apartment. It was such a good talk that I found a picture on my phone I had taken of him and one of the Watered Gardens FORGE guys with us that day. Although it was a good talk he didn't get down on his knees and repent or declare Jesus as Lord and Savior that day. So, many people would have chalked it up to another failed outreach attempt. Time to move on and do something else. This week I ran into that same guy now living in a different part of town. But it was different this time. Now we had a relationship and he was open to start diving into the bible. You just never know how God is working or when He will work or what He will use. It's not our place to decide what is a worthwhile ministry encounter and not. We just need to consistently do the work. Consistently. Consistently. Consistently.   

Please consider becoming part of a Rescue Team - Mondays, 6:15PM @ Watered Gardens!

Because His Grace Is Amazing,

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